At the Integral e-Hub you will find passionate engineers with a track record of succeeding in the most challenging of briefs. The e-Hub division combines a creative, innovative approach with a deep understanding of engineering fundamentals and best practice across a wide range of disciplines from mechanical and electrical to electronics and software.

The e-Hub environment provides all that is needed to allow our talented team of dedicated engineers to succeed.

Client Interface

A clear professional client interface is essential for a successful project. Our clients have direct access to their project environment wihin the e-Hub interface so that all stakeholders operate from a comprehensive, single information source. Meanwhile, our project management processes give us the control to adapt to changing circumstances and remain focused on the project objectives. Our project charter details the standards against which we are happy to be judged.

Project Management

In 20 years’ experience of successfully executing a wide range of projects, we have evolved a core approach to project management that is shared across all e-Hub projects. Our project charter shows how we continuously manage your objectives, specifications, schedules and maturity using a clear commercial framework which offers complete transparency to our clients.

Design and Analysis

Turning ambitious ideas into reality requires the application of the most powerful design and analytical tools together with the expertise and processes to exploit them.

Our objective is ‘right first time’ and extensive use of digital mock up and analytical techniques have, for many years, been a key component to achieving this goal.

Prototyping / Low Volume

Integral e-Hub provides the ideal environment to take an idea to hardware. With a materials turnover of over £10M we have a mature supply chain covering a vast range of component types. This is complemented by comprehensive purchasing, materials handling, and quality and inspection capabilities. Prototype and low volume products are routinely assembled by our highly skilled technicians working out of premium workshop facilities.

Design for Manufacture

At Integral e-Hub we passionately believe that there must be a clear linkage between the design of a component and the processes required to make it.

In some cases the viability of a design depends on selecting or developing a compatible manufacturing process. Our awareness of leading-edge materials technology and processing techniques is often the key to achieving outstanding performance.

For higher volume manufacturing this approach is partly reversed and it is essential to deliver performance within the constraints of a process. Our high-volume capability is underpinned by many years of experience in the automotive industry, where outstanding value is delivered.

Product Validation

Although much of the validation process is carried out in the digital environment, physical validation and model correlation are often required.

We have years of experience in designing validation test programmes overseen by experienced engineers. Integral e-Hub also has a comprehensive test facility with a track record of building and operating bespoke rigs.

At Integral e-Hub we develop tomorrow’s solutions. We have over 100 of the highest calibre engineers in-house whose breadth and depth of experience covers all aspects of the technology and materials available to utilise. Let them turn your ideas and goals into reality!

Due to the nature of Integral e-Hub’s business some of our work has been omitted from the website to preserve our clients’ confidentiality. For the same reason we do not reveal a list of our clients, as discretion is a main factor of Integral e-Hub’s ethos.


Creation of 30 metre design suitable for manufacture based on clay model.

Converting a clay sculpture of two horses’ heads into a dramatic 30m-high landmark on the Falkirk skyline presented an unusual challenge for engineers. The sculptures were based on ‘kelpies’, the mystical equine creatures said to inhabit the lochs of Scotland.

Integral e-Hub was engaged to create surface data for the steel construction based on the scanned information from the clay models.


Concept, detail design and patent application of construction equipment.

The challenge set to Integral e-Hub was to resolve an issue within the construction industry by creating a battery-operated tool to replace the manual task of tying reinforced bars as used in the construction industry.

The initial stage was to define the requirements of the product and generate a design specification after which concepts were evaluated and a prototype design manufactured along with a control system in just four weeks. This was used as a major step in providing investors with the confidence to continue funding the project through to production.


Interior yacht design and manufacturing data. 

The creation of bespoke yachts for the rich and famous is the domain of an Intrinsys customer whose challenge was to make the bespoke element more robust.

The key was to be able to offer a client whatever they required and knowledge-based templates allowed the customer to deliver the bespoke element through a process which controlled quality but enabled innovation and freedom.


Aircraft wing assembly equipment.

The development cycle for a new aircraft is measured in years, however rarely is time allowed to develop the associated manufacturing processes.

Integral e-Hub was instructed to develop a suite of templated tooling models that were driven directly from the design data to allow manufacturing equipment to be engineered in the shortest possible lead-time incorporating last minute design changes.

Consumer Goods

Design and analysis of composite body protection for sporting applications.

Facing a hockey ball travelling at 140 km/h suitable protection is required and to date the technology being used for protection had not kept pace with the technology used for hitting the ball.

Integral e-Hub was instructed to develop a suite of protective equipment for a goalkeeper which could absorb the energy but also allow greater mobility for the player. Modern simulation technology was used to validate the designs prior to costly manufacture.


12/48V innovative solution for significantly reduced CO2 emission, lower total-on-cost and increased fuel efficiency for Tier 1 OEM’s in the automotive sector.

The SuperGen is a supercharging and mild hybrid system which can be substituted for the alternator on an automotive I/C engine. Comprising two permanent magnet motors, two inverters, a novel epicyclical traction drive, a compressor and the software to control the motors and overall system operation in a highly integrated package, this made the most of e-Hub’s wide engineering skill base and project management capability.

Presented widely and following successful demonstration of this new invention it is now the focus of a joint venture with a major automotive Tier 1 supplier with the objective of supplying in high volume to the automotive market.