Whatever your electric drive requirements, the Integral e-Drive division has been designed to offer you the best match to your needs.

The Revolution in Motion

Current Platforms Derivatives

We currently have a range of interior permanent magnet (IPM) and surface-mounted permanent magnet (SPM) platforms and can provide a solution rapidly, with minimum non-recurring engineering (NRE) if your requirements can be met by one of these. Using a simple application template to understand your system performance and constraints we can adjust length, windings and other aspects of our core technology package to give you the best performing motor.


Not what you’re looking for? For a more detailed product specification, precisely matched to your requirements, please email our Engineering team with your exact requirements.


Electric Propulsion Systems

Maximising performance and efficiency with minimal space

Electric Propulsion Systems (EPS) are becoming an increasingly attractive option for manufacturers of passenger cars, small commercial vehicles, race cars and motorcycles where hybrid and all-electric powertrains are being developed.

These all-in-one electric propulsion systems combine transmissions (single or multi-speed), electric motors and inverter technology which have been optimised for high efficiency and volume manufacture.

Working with OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers Integral e-Drive are able to integrate its own market leading electric motors and inverters with 3rd party transmissions to deliver low weight, compact and highly efficient systems for primary and secondary propulsion for pure electric and hybrid transportation.

Whilst the EPS’s developed utilise our own motors and inverters, we are equally adept to integrate 3rd party inverters should the client choose.

Furthermore, all Electric Propulsion Systems carry the same DNA philosophy as our motors and inverters and are specifically designed to be class leading in power and torque density. They leverage on Integral Powertrain’s Intellectual Property in design and manufacture utilising our patented cooling and electromagnetic technology.

All EPS’s have been designed for simple integration either at the front or rear axle of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and in race cars.

Drawing upon our rule based design method the Propulsion Systems are designed to be scalable for power and torque vs available space alongside incorporating options for various gear ratios (to scale the torque), electronically controlled park-lock systems and torque vectoring as required.

Key features:

  • Compact design – easy to install
  • Lightweight – highest power to weight ratio
  • Proven electric motor and inverter technology
  • Integrated common cooling system with advanced thermal management
  • Optimised inverter software and safety features
  • Single or multi-speed transmission options
  • Flexible manufacturing concept
  • High efficiency >98% – meaning reduced energy storage requirements
  • 200 – 1000kW – high performance scalability allows for a broad spectrum of applications for various applications
  • Water/Glycol cooled as standard – reducing on-board cooling complexities

Products fall into three categories:

  • Motor and inverter integrated EDU
  • Motor and transmission integrated EDU
  • Fully integrated motor, inverter & transmission EPS

Motor and Inverter Integrated EDU

Not what you’re looking for? For a more detailed product specification, precisely matched to your requirements, please complete and return the Customer Motor Specification Sheet.

Motor and Transmission Integrated EDU

Not what you’re looking for? For a more detailed product specification, precisely matched to your requirements, please complete and return the Customer Motor Specification Sheet.

Fully Integrated Motor, Inverter & Transmission EPS

Not what you’re looking for? For a more detailed product specification, precisely matched to your requirements, please complete and return the Customer Motor Specification Sheet.

Core Technology, Bespoke Motor (CTB)

A true differentiator of our business is the capability to configure our core e-Drive technology to meet your precise performance and package requirements. Once we have completed a simple application template we can use our in-house tools to outline a range of possible solutions and, working together with you, select the best match. Using an advanced, rule based design system Integral e-Drive can then rapidly design and procure optimised motors which automatically draw upon our proven expertise and experience.

Control Electronics and Software

Complementing our world class in-house inverter technology, Integral e-Drive also has a track record of working with other inverter providers according to technical and commercial requirements.

Our base software is Autosar compliant and has been developed in line with rigorous automotive standards running either on micro controller NXP SPC5744P, or where higher processing speed is required, a combination of this and FPGA from Xilinx.

Our application software contains all that is needed to drive SPM and IPM machines with precision and efficiency including speed and torque controllers, thermal models and system diagnostics. By using a model-based approach and established MiL / SiL / HiL validation processes we can also configure to meet specialist requirements when applicable.

Special Projects

Whilst the vast majority of applications can be met with our core technology bespoke (CTB) motors, there are applications so specific in their requirements or integration concepts that they need new core technologies for some of the sub-systems. This could for example be a motor designed to operate at the bottom of the sea or in a nuclear reactor cooled by liquid sodium. As genuine, first-principles engineers with a track record of meeting the most demanding briefs, Integral e-Drive are very well placed to meet your needs, however extreme.

Core Technology R&D

In 10 years of e-Drive innovation we have achieved genuine technology leadership in high power density motors and also cost economic low voltage drives; as a company led by engineers, we are passionate about maintaining this position.

We have a substantial on-going R&D program to evaluate new technology and to provide year-on-year improvements. All R&D activities at Integral e-Drive are managed through a series of gateways so that the most promising continue on a path that will allow them to be incorporated into our core technology and future products.

Current work-streams include:

  • Advanced bearing systems
  • Increased magnet retention system capacity
  • A new winding concept for AC loss reduction and increased partial discharge resistance
  • Use of advanced materials to improve cooling
  • AC to AC inverter architectures

Calling on 20 years of experience in powertrain and controls engineering, we can support you with a tailored package that will ensure optimal performance in situ, however challenging your requirements.

Sub-System Level

Usually the motor will form part of a larger system and the application process starts with careful identification of requirements and interfaces which are captured in a sub-system specification document.

Design and analysis activities are guided by this specification and we will typically also design a customised application and validation program to ensure the motor is performing to specification before it is released for use.

We have a wide range of dynamometers, rigs and instruments to support these validation activities including:

  • Performance and efficiency envelope
  • Inverter mapping
  • Thermal limits
  • Insulation performance
  • Speed, temperature and pressure cycling, sealing, vibration resistance
  • Durability

Full System Level

With nearly 20 years of powertrain engineering track record, we believe our ability to engineer motors into demanding applications is second to none.

We have successfully integrated machines into propulsion systems of many types, configurations and uses, into high-speed turbomachinery and into industrial equipment and test facilities. We have also dealt with harsh environments and duty cycles.

Where required, much of the application work can be carried out virtually using analytical tools and comprehensive plant models with SiL and/or HiL.

Once hardware is in place we can provide a comprehensive application and validation service for the full system or the Integral e-Drive team can work as support to your team to make sure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Whether you need a small batch or a million units, Integral e-Drive has the expertise to provide a quality assured, dependable manufacturing solution, in-house or in a dedicated facility.

In-House Manufacture

For production volumes of up to 15,000 units per year, in-house manufacturing by Integral e-Drive may be the best option. We control our processes and supply base so that the product is matured early in the development cycle and we have an exceptional quality track record in production.

Licensed Manufacture

For higher volumes the best solution may be for manufacturing to be transferred to a different facility. In these cases, Integral e-Drive work with clients to ensure required IPR arrangements are in place and that there is a mechanism for any required support with manufacturing facility planning, supply base, Design For Manufacture (DFM) and Advanced Quality Planning (AQP).

As a director owned independent company, we can work flexibly to get an effective solution; whatever the chosen route our own future performance is secured by achieving the highest quality levels and commercial benefits for our clients.