World Motorsport Symposium

The future direction of Motorsport | A World Motorsport Symposium Presentation

November 28, 2018

Join Arnaud Martin, Chief Engineer Powertrain Integral e-Drive, as he presents ‘The Future Direction of Motorsport.’ A view from an independent e-Drive manufacturer.

Arnaud will be present at the RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium (14:30 28th November). The Symposium runs from the 27th-28th November at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Westminster London.

The Future Direction of Motorsport – Presentation abstract

Arnaud will be talking about what the future of Motorsport may look like in the various categories. Looking at where Electrification is likely to take hold, in which format and how the regulations can help in that process.

A little background information about Arnaud

Arnaud joined the Integral e-Drive team having led a number of world title winning Motorsport powertrain programmes. He is well known and respected within Motorsport.

Matching his knowledge and experience, gained over 20 years, with market leading e-Drive technology from Integral Powertrain has created an increasing number of high profile successes throughout Motorsport, as well as a growing number of applications within the automotive market.

Integral e-Drive’s intense focus on innovative electric motor technology advancement is designed to maintain a technology leadership position. This is critical to supporting its Motorsport clients. At the same time Integral e-Drive is taking its motorsport expertise to the automotive sector with its ‘Track to Road’ programme. Industries that seek clean, quiet, power-dense and efficient drive technologies to develop new mobility solutions for the 21st century are sure to be interested.

Arnaud successfully delivers challenging programmes in remarkably short periods, supported by unique ‘rules based’ engineering systems created by Integral e-Drive. Challenging compromise at every level, Integral e-Drive team is able to quickly create technologies to precisely meet a client’s requirements with a high level of confidence.

Technology leadership, R&D focus and speed of delivery from a partner that knows how to deliver within a highly collaborative and focused project has made Integral e-Drive a very productive team member.

Why not take this opportunity to gain a valuable insight into the working mind of a leading Motorsport technologist as he shares some of his insights into the future direction of Motorsport?

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