Speaking on Low Carbon Propulsion Technology

Integral e-Drive will deliver Low Carbon Propulsion Technology to CENEX LCV 2018

September 13, 2018

Significant motor performance improvements combined with low motor prices are on their way.

Integral e-Drive’s Jason King, Business Development Director, will take part in the Low Carbon Propulsion Technology stream at CENEX LCV 2018 in September (12th – 13th).

Jason, a regular speaker at this and significant global conferences, will talk about how next generation electric motor technology will not only deliver significant performance improvement, it’ll also be at a significantly reduced cost. This will add to the growing and compelling argument for mainstream electric vehicle adoption.

The presentation

His presentation ‘Comparison of Permanent Magnet Electric Motor Topology for Automotive Applications,’ will illustrate how the choice of motor topology, inverter and gearbox options best meets the requirements of a series of very different automotive electric vehicles.

For the technologists within the audience, Jason will also focus on a detailed breakdown of two different motor types comparing internal (IPM) versus surface permanent magnet (SPM). He’ll look at power curves, phase current requirements and mass breakdown (i.e. magnet mass, iron mass, copper mass, no active mass). Jason will also discuss a costing delta between the motor types (BoM and assembly), which will then illustrate the trade-off’s that an OEM may select to meet a particular requirement.

A glimpse of the future

Throughout Jason’s talk the content will include next generation automotive electric motor topologies, showing power densities that are well beyond the auto-council roadmap targets and the numbers put out by any manufacturer in to the public domain so far. It may come as a surprise to some that engineering for power density can actually equate to reduced cost.

The presentation will also show how a large Constant Power Speed Range (CPSR) can be achieved from the motors for more premium automotive applications thus enabling simple gearboxes.

More information

Further information can be found by contacting Integral Powertrain or by visiting the Integral e-Drive stands (Hall 3 Stand C3-503).

For more information on CENEX LCV 2018 and how to obtain your free ticket please follow this link.

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