Integral e-Drive Charging up for the road

Integral e-Drive are on the road again | Coming to a city near you during 2020.

January 28, 2020

Technology has already redefined the way vehicles use fuel, with electric, hybrid and solar powered vehicles beginning to displace the internal combustion engine and fuel-fed engines as the driving force of the future. It is impossible to predict precisely which type of vehicle will be leading the market a decade from now, but no matter how successful the shift, it is imperative OEM’s and their suppliers continue to develop their products and show them to the world.

Integral e-Drive did just this in 2019, introducing many new electric motors and inverters for global automotive brands such as Group Lotus Cars with their soon to be produced Evija. Continual development of our product technology is key to our ongoing success and in 2020 we will be on the road again.

Some of the exhibitions where we can be found are listed below. Watch out for updates as further dates are added during the year.

  • The Battery Show North America with Integral e-Drive
  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Europe 2020 with Integral e-Drive
  • Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium with Integral e-Drive
  • Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Expo with Integral e-Drive
  • Farnborough Internation airshow 2020 with Integral e-Drive and the MAA


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