Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Presentation by Integral Powertrain

Exploring the future of electric and hybrid aircraft technology with Integral Powertrain

April 21, 2021

Join Andrew Cross, Chief Technical Officer of Integral e-Drive, as he presents “Direct-drive or geared – effects on aerospace electric drive systems” at the upcoming Virtual Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium  (20-21 April 2021). 

Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Virtual ‘Live’, taking place April 20 & 21, 2021, provides a much-needed platform for high-level aerospace engineers, designers, leading research academics, propulsion engineers, aircraft manufacturers, heads of electrical system design and engineering, infrastructure developers and anyone working on developing the future of electric and hybrid aircraft technology.

Topics will include, but will not be limited to, the move toward more electric aircraft, the introduction of hybrid and full electric propulsion technologies, eVTOL aircraft design and propulsion technology, plus infrastructure requirements for new vertiports and upgrading existing commercial aviation airports.

It will bring together an extensive conference community for a two-day virtual ‘live’ conference, hosted on an engaging, simple-to-use networking platform, to allow participants to network, share content, host video meetings and discuss important industry developments.

Integral e-Drive has developed some of the world’s most power-dense electric motors and inverters for racing applications, including the record-breaking and multi-awarding-winning system for the VW I.D. R Pikes Peak car. Andrew’s presentation covers the basics that enable power density and gives an insight into the current art-of-the-possible in top-end motorsport, including efficiency data. In a move from track to sky, some designs for next-generation aerospace applications that could deliver world-leading motor concepts with power densities of over 45kW/Kg, and integrated inverters beyond 100kW/kg, will be presented.

The presentation, which covers the basics of power density for electric machines and the key driving factors, also explores how the choice of direct-drive or geared affects the overall system in terms of mass, efficiency and complexity, with specific examples, is at 10:40 GMT on 21st April 2021. Don’t miss out register for free here. Andrew will also be part of the Live-streamed Q&A/discussion panel @12:05 GMT.

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