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Digital Transformation – Engineering the future of world class e-Drives

April 25, 2018

Electrification and autonomous vehicles have been dominating the automotive news for the past few years, and are set to gather speed as regulatory and industry challenges are conquered. Luke Barker, Technical Director at Integral e-Drive will explain at this year’s UK Intelligent Engineering Forum how they are addressing these challenges and how Digital Transformation supports their drive to engineer next generation technologies to power electric and hybrid vehicles.

The presentation will look at what are the typical requirements for electric powertrain applied to racing and high performance battery electric road vehicles. Luke will share a business owner’s perspective on why digitisation did not happen as soon as it could have and reasons that may be holding others back now. He will also illustrate the step change in business performance digitisation and intelligent engineering has enabled.

Today Integral e-Drive fully utilises the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to design, validate and manufacture their unique high performance products ensuring minimal non-recurring engineering and high manufacturing efficiency. Their ability to expand the number of concurrent programmes whilst delivering in accelerated times wrapped up with world leading technologies has made them very popular with everybody except their competition.

About Luke Barker

Luke joined Jaguar cars as a Powertrain development engineer in 1986, leaving to join Cosworth Engineering in 1989. At Cosworth Luke was responsible for performance, mechanical systems and durability. During this period he also led five major powertrain projects including a clean-sheet V6 engine family and turbocharged I-4 and V8 derivatives. Additionally he managed a large number of experimental and demonstration projects. In 1998 Luke joined with three colleagues to found Integral Powertrain Ltd.

About The UK Intelligent Engineering Forum

This year the UKIEF, hosted by Intrinsys and TechniaTranscat, will present delegates with their first taste of the latest features of the digital transformation enabling platform, 3DEXPERIENCE 2018x, through an exciting mix of presentation and live demonstration. A unique opportunity for UK companies.

Delegates will learn from active users talking about the advantages that transformation has created and have the opportunity to take part in a new networking concept with OEM, industry, business and technical experts to answer questions and share experiences. This year will also see the addition of focussed workshops where individuals may explore their specialism from business strategy and management of digital transformation to the platform connected disciplines of design & development, analysis & simulation and manufacturing. The workshops, networking and exhibition will allow companies to attend with their own specialists and leave with the information and contacts they will need to drive their own activities.

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