Arnaud Martin panellist at MIA EEMS 2019

Arnaud Martin joins elite panel at MIA EEMS Conference Jan 9th 2019

January 9, 2019

Arnaud Martin, Chief Engineer Motorsport Integral e-Drive, joins an elite panel of Motorsport professionals at the up and coming Entertainment & Energy Efficient Motorsport Conference in association with AVL RACING at Autosport International. The conference will explore motorsport’s proven value as a world-leading R&D resource for the development of innovative solutions to the challenges faced by many parallel industries worldwide.

Preparing for an electric future?

Leading figures from government and a diverse group of industries will join the panellists in considering the question:

‘The mobility future is said to be all-electric – how realistic is this ambition and how can your business benefit from this change?’

Opinions and strategies are likely to be controversial and you can expect a lively debate as each attendee shares their view of the future, plans to get there and what the challenges are likely to be. One thing the conference is unlikely to be is uninformative.

Each attendees should expect insights from some of the best informed people working in the environment today and leave with a knowledge tool-set that will support their future development.

Arnaud Martin

Arnaud is a frequent expert panellist and sits regularly with the higher echelons of Motorsport where the decisions impacting its future reside. He wields an increasing influence on the future technical direction of Motorsport.

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