Integral e-Drive Products Ultra High Speed SPM Electric Motor

Ultra High Speed SPM Platform

(60-150kW, 6-15Nm, 85-130krpm)

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Motorsport

The Ultra High Speed SPM Electric Motor Platform is a 2 pole-pair family designed for operation at high electrical frequency with shaft speeds of up to 130krpm and capable of sustained operation at high power. Premium derivatives of this platform are currently operating at 30kW/kg; they are particularly well suited to integration with turbo-machinery. Integral e-drive’s patented rotor cooling technology is usually recommended where high average power levels are required. 

Specification Value*
Voltage Nominal 750V
Maximum Power 150kW
Maximum Torque 6-15Nm
Maximum Speed 130,000rpm
Peak Efficiency >98%
Mass 3.7kg
Nominal Case Dia. 90mm (Excluding impeller)

* Values and dimensions stated are typical as products manufactured are optimised to precisely match client specifications and may vary from those quoted.