Integral e-Drive SPM 140 Electric Motor Platform Products

SPM 140 Platform

(100-300kW, 100-300Nm, 15-27krpm)

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Motorsport

The SPM 140 Electric Motor Platform is a 6 pole-pair family with radial cooling designed for high power and torque density at moderate shaft speed.

As with all our platforms, stack length and windings are optimised to suit system voltage requirements whilst laminations, magnets and cooling technologies can be chosen to optimise the price and performance to project requirements.

The following features are currently available:

  • Patented rotor cooling technology
  • IP AC loss mitigation technology package

Specification Value*
Voltage Nominal 890V
Maximum Power 300kW
Maximum Torque 300Nm
Maximum Speed 27,000rpm
Peak Efficiency >98%
Mass ~17kg
Nominal Case Dia. 130mm

* Values and dimensions stated are typical as products manufactured are optimised to precisely match client specifications and may vary from those quoted.