SuperGen Low Voltage Integrated Inverter for Interior Permanent Magnet Electric Motors

Low Voltage Inverter Scalable Integrated 48V Motor Control Unit

  • Automotive
  • Commerical
  • Marine
  • Motorcycle

Low Voltage Inverter suitable for hybrid and electric vehicles in automotive, motorsport, marine and motorcycle applications.  This range of  Motor Control Units are a combination of technologies which have been developed as part of the SuperGen family of products and validated through R&D so that they can be applied with high confidence to new projects.

The unit is self-contained, and is designed for integration into our IPM 147 LV and IPM 278 LV interior permanent magnet motor platforms.

Features include:

  • Integrated power electronics based on copper insulated metal substrate with symmetrical phase design.
  • >800Arms/Phase inverter based on automotive/industrial qualified ultra-low RDSon MOSFETs capable of 300A rating per unit
  • Direct liquid cooling with low thermal impedance and optimized fluid path design
  • Integrated NXP / Freescale microcontroller
  • Optional Integrated solid-state MOSFET based boardnet/battery isolation gateway module (‘BIM’ = electronic contactor/relay) with integrated analogue voltage sensing watchdog to support ASIL-C functional safety

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Low Voltage IPM 278 electric motor with integrated inverter
Low Voltage IPM 147 electric motor with integrated inverter

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