SuperGen IPM 278 Low Voltage Electric Motor Platform from Integral e-Driveatform from Integral e-Drive electric motor

IPM 278 LV Platform

(6-40kW, 150-180Nm, up to 8Krpm)

  • Automotive

The IPM 278 Electric Motor Platform is a low voltage family of compact 48V high-efficiency motor-generators for automotive and transportation applications.

Key features include:

  • Compact package <80mm in length
  • advanced electromagnetic design optimised for performance, efficiency and cost
  • > 95% efficient considering motor and inverter at high power
  • Integrated wet clutch, inverter and clutch actuation systems
  • Optional designs including a self contained pump, clutch lubricant and filtration are available on request.
  • Simple CAN interfaces with built in system health monitoring and diagnostics

Specification Value*
Voltage Nominal 48V
Maximum Power 40kW
Maximum Torque 180Nm
Maximum Speed 8,000rpm
Peak Efficiency 95%
Mass 12.5-20kG
Nominal Case Dia. 360mm

* Values and dimensions stated are typical as products manufactured are optimised to precisely match client specifications and may vary from those quoted.