High Performance Silicone Carbide (Sic) Inverter Family from Integral e-Drive

High Performance Inverter 1200V Silicon Carbide MOSFET Motor Control Unit

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle
  • Motorsport

High Performance Inverter suitable for hybrid and electric vehicles in automotive, motorsport and aerospace applications. The current platform of Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET Inverters are a combination of technologies which have been developed and validated through R&D so that they can be applied with high confidence to new projects.

High DC bus voltage capability coupled with advanced liquid cooling allows for high power, phase current and switching frequency in a very compact and lightweight unit.

The unit is self-contained, and designed to be sited adjacent to a high voltage battery assembly, and can be directly coupled or separated via phase cables from the electric motor. Permanent magnet synchronous motors of surface (SPM) or interior types (IPM) are supported, with full synchronous closed-loop motor control via torque, speed or voltage drop requests through a CAN interface.

Integral e-Drive’s High Performance Inverter is designed and manufactured in-house. Bespoke variants can be provided to suit client performance and package requirements. When coupled with Integral e-Drive’s electric motors, offer best-in-class power density, efficiency and performance.

Supply Voltage8-16V
Maximum Phase Current620Arms
Maximum DC Bus Voltage950V
Volume4.5 Litre
Nominal Dimensions241x229x115mm

* Values and dimensions stated are typical as products manufactured are optimised to precisely match client specifications and may vary from those quoted.

High Performance SiC Inverter

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