CTU400 Automotive EDU Integral e-Drive

CTU400 Automotive EPS

  • Automotive
  • Motorsport

The 400kW system sits on a vehicle axle and provides all the propulsion power for the vehicle, taking energy from the hybrid or electric vehicle battery pack. It features integrated, highly efficient inverter technology from McLaren Applied Technologies, two 200kW SPM242 platform permanent magnet motors from Integral e-Drive and two reduction gear sets for torque vectoring from Hewland Engineering.

Incredibly compact and lightweight, the CTU-400 e-axle boasts elegant simplicity. This system requires minimal integration effort for hybrid and electric vehicles in automotive and motorsport applications, is self-contained and designed to be sited adjacent to a high voltage battery.

Vehicle manufacturers only require a single high voltage DC connection from the battery, and a single communication connection to the rest of the vehicle to incorporate the e-axle to realise an unparalleled overall power density of 4.4kW/kg. Additionally, bespoke variants can be provided to suit customer performance and packaging requirements.

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