Roger Duckworth Director Integral Powertrain and Integral e-Drive

Roger Duckworth

  • Director, Integral Powertrain

Key Responsibilities

As Director for Powertrain Projects, Roger is responsible for key customer projects conducted at the Denbigh Road Development Centre. He oversees the design and development of Integral e-Drive‘s world-leading, high power and high torque density e-machines that are being used in both hybrid and EV traction applications. Other projects include extremely high speed e-machines for electrical turbo-compounding and supply of single cylinder IC research engines.


Brunel University BEng


Roger held technical leadership roles throughout his 12 year career at Cosworth before founding Integral Powertrain with his fellow Directors in 1998.

As Chief Engineer, Powertrain Development and R&D at Cosworth Engineering, Roger was responsible for all development engineering activities (people and techniques) across projects.

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