Luke Barker Director Integral Powertrain and Integral e-Drive

Luke Barker

  • Director, Integral Powertrain

Key Responsibilities

Integral Powertrain has a track record of innovating to get a better fit to client needs and Luke’s roles include working out how to do this and building the expertise required. He has also supported the development of Integral e-Drive into a full service electric drive system provider and is responsible for marketing.

In recent years Luke has overseen development of unique technology in boosting, turbo-compounding and hybridisation. Meanwhile, Integral e-Drive has enjoyed strong growth through a number of landmark projects achieving global leadership in power density and completing its first full lifecycle production contract for an automotive PHEV application.


Loughborough University, BSc.


Luke joined Jaguar Cars as a Powertrain Development Engineer in 1986, leaving to join Cosworth Engineering in 1989.

At Cosworth Luke was responsible for performance, mechanical systems and durability. During this period he also led five major powertrain projects including a clean-sheet V6 engine family and turbocharged I-4 and V8 derivatives. Additionally, he managed a large number of experimental and demonstration projects. In 1998 Luke joined with three colleagues to found Integral Powertrain Ltd.

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