Arnaud Martin Chief Engineer Motorsport Integral e-Drive and Integral Powertrain

Arnaud Martin

  • Head of Inverter System & Motorsport, Integral Powertrain

Key Responsibilities

As part of the Executive Board, Arnaud has responsibility for the commercial, engineering and delivery of motorsport  and inverter projects for Integral Powertrain Ltd’s e-Drive division.


Baccalaureat series E

Lycee Vauban BTS in Internal Combustion Engines

University of Warwick, Batchelor of Engineering


Arnaud began his engineering career in the Road Engine division of Cosworth in 1997. After two years working in development alongside Roger Duckworth, Arnaud decided to join the exciting world of motorsport.

Initially based on the customer F1 side of Cosworth racing, working on both development and track support for Tyrrel and Minardi, Arnaud moved to the “works” F1 side of Cosworth in late 1999 as a Senior Development Engineer. Arnaud had the privilege of engineering for drivers such as Eddy Irvine and Johnny Herbert before returning to a factory based roll as the Technical Lead for the single cylinder Formula 1 research engine and the development of the combustion side of the F1 engines.

In 2006 Arnaud left Cosworth to join RML as Engine Development Manager. It was here that Arnaud created the engine department of RML from the ground up. Victories followed shortly afterward and the first WTCC title was obtained in 2010. Whilst this was taking place Arnaud was busy designing the Chevrolet GRE engine to debut in WTCC for the 2011 season.

The GRE was to become the most successful engine of the WTCC turbo Era with 21 wins in 2011, 20 race wins in 2012, followed by another 22 victories over the next 3 years. To this day this engine has never suffered a race failure.

In 2012 Arnaud designed the engine for the Nissan Deltawing which raced at Le Mans and shortly afterward became the Nissan Zeod. This was Arnaud’s first foray in the new world of electrification, designing and integrating, batteries, motors and inverters with a conventional Internal Combustion Engine. This car was to set the highest electrically driven top speed during Le Mans race event (300kph) during Le Mans 2014 and set what remains the fastest electrical lap of Le Mans at 100mph average speed. After various other electrification projects at RML Arnaud joined Intergal Powertrain Ltd at the end of 2017, leading projects such as the VW IDR.

Through his carrer Arnaud received various peer accolades such as:

Racetech Engineering Designer of the Year in 2011

Racetech Engineering Most Innovative Powertrain in 2014

Race Engine Technology magazine Hybrid Powertrain of the Year in 2014

These awards were followed in 2018 by multiple awards linked to the VW IDR project.

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