Andrew Cross Chief Technical Officer Integral Powertrain and Integral e-Drive

Andrew Cross

  • Chief Technical Officer, Integral Powertrain

Key Responsibilities

As well as being a member of the Executive Team, Andrew is responsible for maintaining Integral Powertrain’s position as world leader in electric machine technology. He leads the development and ensures the adoption of, the best available practices from specification, through design to delivery across our projects.

Andrew looks after our R&D group and holds patents in motor cooling technology. He loves to innovate!


Loughborough University, BEng (Hons).


Andrew spent his ‘sandwich’ year at Cosworth Engineering in ‘98/’99 where he met the founding Directors of Integral Powertrain. He joined IP as a graduate in 2000 and designed, simulated and developed low carbon technologies or high performance Internal Combustion (IC) engines for OEM customers. Between 2007 and 2010 he spent 3 years ‘away’ working in F1 engines… all of which he can’t talk about! On his return Andrew led the development of Integral Powertrain’s first series production high voltage traction motor programme and went on to lead major e-drive programmes.

Outside of work

Andrew can be found running around the countryside or minding one or all of his 3 young daughters or combination of the two! Andrew enjoys training for and competing in running events and the occasional triathlon. Andrew is married with 3 children.

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