Aspark OWL powered by Integral e-Drive High Performance SPM electric motors

Integral e-Drive announced as partner on world’s fastest accelerating car

Integral Powertrain Ltd’s e-Drive division, manufacturers of record- breaking, world-class electric motors and inverters is proud to announce it has been selected as a technology partner with Manifattura Automobili Torino (M.A.T.) for the Aspark Owl project.

In December 2018, M.A.T. was selected by Aspark as the development and manufacturing partner for the Owl project; conceived, designed and engineered to be the fastest accelerating, fully-electric hypercar in the world: 0-60mph in less than 1.7 seconds.

  • The fastest accelerating car in the world powered by Integral e-Drive
  • Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 1.69 seconds with Integral e-Drive Electric Motors
  • Aspark Owl is manufactured mainly from carbon fibre
  • The production version of the Owl is limited to only 50 cars worldwide.

The most powerful electric hypercar

The Owl will be powered by some of the most powerful electric motors ever made. The four high performance surface permanent magnet motors from Integral e-Drive will produce a total power of 1480kW with 2012 horsepower. The overall torque is around 2000Nm.

The Owl will have three times more power than a Formula E race car and twice as much as a Formula 1 car.

The powertrain is supported by inverters from Cascadia Motion and a torque vectoring transmission from 3MO. A unique 1300kW Lithium-Ion battery delivers the power to the system, offering a range of up to 450km.

The Owl was unveiled at the Dubai motor show in November 2019 and all major tests related to performance, safety and durability have been successfully completed. Prototypes can now be seen on the roads as manufacturing is accelerated to deliver first orders in 2020. The fully customisable production version is limited to 50 cars worldwide.

For more information on the Owl visit the Aspark website.

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