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From Engineering to Accounts

From Engineering to Accounts – how taking a chance with a talented individual always pays dividends.

Ask any recruitment guru and they will tell you that if you fit a square peg in a round hole you will be sorry. Having the courage as an employer to let young people try different roles and supporting them as they make their own conclusions can be a challenging road to take.

There are many bright young engineers at Integral Powertrain that started straight from college and university and have carried on to develop an incredibly creative and rewarding career. Helping and mentoring young talent is a special skill and delight for many of the experienced engineers, but such an open and positive environment can produce some unusual outcomes.

It was the norm for a young engineer to join a company, develop their skills and expertise and emerge qualified and experienced. However, what would you do if you were presented with a young person who was unsure of their future path, but had enthusiasm and a desire to excel?

Integral Powertrain found themselves in such a position in 2015 when one of their employees, Josh, joined as a Trainee Application Engineer. He started straight from college after taking his A Levels but soon realised this career path was not for him. After some discussion and coaching he took on a vacant role within our growing accounts department.  It soon became clear that this was a great move for him and he has been successful ever since.

Today he leaves to embark on a prosperous career in a dedicated Accountancy Practice where he can take is chosen career even further. In ‘The Year of Engineering we are sad to lose a potential engineer but delighted to say that we are proud to have provided Josh the opportunity to discover his calling. We may welcome him back one day as a qualified accountant.

Of his time at Integral Powertrain Josh said,

 “My time at Integral Powertrain has been one of a kind. I joined the company in September 2015 straight out of A Levels and started as a Trainee Application Engineer. Today I am leaving to pursue a career in accounting and finance. I am extremely grateful to the company for allowing me to experience working in different departments, not only did it help me find what I wanted to do, I also got the chance to work with numerous people in the company. I admired their enthusiasm in their work and cannot thank everyone enough for the time and effort they spent on me. I have no doubt that the hard work that is replicated throughout the company will allow Integral Powertrain to reach their future ambitions.”

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