Integral Powertrain Emissions & Driveline Facility to be updated by Alex Vasiliou

Emissions and Driveline Facility starts heavy construction phase

With the 4WD test bed removed and the lab stripped it’s now time for the heavy construction phase to begin within the Emissions & Driveline Test Facility. These works will prepare the site for the installation of the new Horiba Vulcan 4WD XtraCold Dyno which will take place alongside ongoing testing at the facility.

Managing the new installation and the day to day operation of the facility, Principal Engineer Alex Vasiliou, who joined Integral Powertrain earlier this year is a man with a plan.

Introducing Alex Vasiliou

Alex joined Integral Powertrain with a mission to build a new vehicle and powertrain test laboratory and manage a growing team of engineers and technicians. The new test lab will be state of the art and for the previously named Emission & Climatic Test Centre (ECTC) represents a significant development of capability and a change of testing direction.

Respecting the changing face and direction of Motorsport and automotive industries the new centre will provide up to the minute services to Integral Powertrain’s clients and enable new services that will also be attractive to new customers. In essence it will enable them to meet an evolving legislative requirement and handle alternative technology derivatives that include hybrid and pure electric drive-line, amongst others.

Alex’s background

Alex’s life skills were well developed well before he studied Automotive Engineering with Motorsport at the University of Hertfordshire. As his knowledge grew, fuelled by his passion for all things automotive, his spare time was spent working on cars; buying, learning, and repairing MOT failures and carrying out engine conversions.

He joined Johnson Matthey as a graduate engineer in their vehicle test laboratory in 2011. He gained invaluable experience from working his way around the roles in the test centre. Alex’s jobs included driving the tests and repairing analysers on the way to leading the introduction of PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System) and Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing to the company.

By 2014 Alex’s hard work and new systems introduction experience was rewarded by being put in charge of his own vehicle lab. He managed R&D testing (mainly diesel) on exhaust after treatment systems as well as managing factory release Quality Control (QC) testing for major OEM’s.

Alex was given the responsibility to manage the upgrade of his laboratory in 2017. Much of the equipment was original from 1993 and had to be brought up to date. This meant installing a new four wheel drive (4WD) dynamometer, new emission equipment, new software and new electrics.

On completion of the upgraded lab Alex joined Integral Powertrain to not only manage the upgrade of their test laboratory but to spearhead the business as it evolves to address the challenges of emerging and new driveline technologies within future vehicles.

Growth and investment

The upgraded test facility forms a key part of Integral Powertrain’s multi-million GBP investment in its Milton Keynes facilities. Earlier this year the market leading powertrain and e-Drive solutions provider announced its investment in a 3-acre site which will see the company build a new state of the art Technical Centre at Shenley Wood, Milton Keynes, UK, to support its e-Drive growth.

Further news on this development to follow shortly.

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