Electric Drive – How Can You Level Up? A Dassault Systèmes e-Book

Electric drives may well be the future of the automotive industry. Car manufacturers need to maximize the power of electric motors while reducing their mass and electromagnetic losses. In the race for e-drive, simulation is helping OEMs reach the best design and optimal combination of parameters.

Electric vehicles are nothing new. They have been in the picture since the dawn of the automobile. But they never became industrially relevant because gasoline as a cheaper energy source than electricity. Now green motives are turning the wheel. Auto makers have to reinvent electric powertrain and make it suitable for modern cars. Businesses must embrace digitalization as rapidly as possible to speed up the cycles of electric drive improvement – compressing industry maturity into 10 years  hereas it took 100 years to develop internal combustion engines. Learn more in this Dassault Systèmes e-Book.

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