Integral powertrain partner McLaren Applied Technologies takes two awards.

e-AXLE technology takes two awards at TechWorks

McLaren Applied Technologies took two trophies at last Thursday night’s TechWorks electronics innovations Awards for the CTU-400 e-AXLE, developed in partnership with Hewland Engineering and Integral Powertrain.

  • The Automotive Electronics Innovation & Excellence Award
  • The Power Electronics Innovation Award

Presenting both awards was internationally recognised and renowned journalist, Mr John Sergeant. When presenting the Automotive Electronics award Mr Sergeant stated 

“McLaren Applied Technologies had been chosen for their strong adoption of new and innovative technology in their CTU-400 (400kW) e-AXLE achieving an efficient outstanding performance traction unit for Automotive Electrification through collaboration with partners Integral Powertrain and Hewland Engineering.” Mr Sergeant also added “contributes nearly £50bn annually to the UK economy and is a key enabler at the heart of electrification in multiple sectors.”

Simon Mead, Chief Engineer, Integral Powertrain commented:

“Firstly, my congratulations to the McLaren Applied Technologies team. When you work on a project like the CTU-400 e-AXLE, that brings market leading technologists together, there is always a shared sense of pride when it is recognised in such a way.”

About TechWorks

TechWorks is the brand new UK Industry Association for ‘Deep Tech’; the underpinning technologies such as AI, robotics, 5G, machine vision, IoT, analytics and automation that drive the new economy.

The TechWorks awards showcase excellence within the industry – rewarding the key electronics innovation, expertise and ambition of UK and Ireland businesses. This year it attracted around 400 executives and professionals from the industry.

The category specifically recognises today’s intensely competitive automotive market and the fact that it is absolutely essential for new innovative products to enable end user requirements of functionality and safety within a tight window of market opportunity, while meeting exceptionally high quality and reliability standards.

About the CTU-400 e-AXLE

Launched at this year’s CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle event in September, the CTU-400 e-AXLE system is the expertise fusion of McLaren Applied Technologies power electronics, Integral e-Drive’s record breaking electric motors and Hewland’s performance transmissions.

The result is an incredibly compact and light weight e-AXLE that provides an advantage in its simplicity to vehicle manufacturers by only needing a single high voltage DC connection from the battery and a single communication connection to the rest of the vehicle, whilst delivering an unparalleled overall power density of 4.4kW/kg. It requires minimal integration effort for hybrid and electric vehicles in automotive and Motorsport applications, is self-contained and designed to be sited adjacent to a high voltage battery. It can also be scaled to meet a variety of specific requirements.

For more information download the e-Axle data sheet or send your enquiry to our team.

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