Integral Powertrain TechniaTranscat Agreement

Momentous cooperation agreement signed with TechniaTranscat AB

Following the acquisition of Integral Powertrain’s sister company Intrinsys Ltd by the Addnode Group AB back in August this year, this agreement will extend the beneficial relationship, once held with Intrinsys, to the newly formed PLM group made up of TechniaTranscat AB and Intrinsys Ltd. Together they form the Addnode PLM Business Division, the first truly global PLM Systems Integrator. Its mission is to deliver outstanding products and services, offering exceptional and unique value to its customers.

The agreement facilitates Integral Powertrain continuing to use Intrinsys’ engineering design, analysis and PLM services; it will explore joint marketing activities and open up wider access to the benefits, facilities and market presence of the leading international PLM group. In addition Integral Powertrain will have access to the extensive software products and services offered by the wider PLM group, including its systems integration provision. As part of the joint marketing agreement each party will be able to promote the products and services of the other to their customers and contacts.

“This agreement is viewed as a strategic cooperation that will underpin and support the growth and development of our world class business,” says Luke Barker, Technical Director, Integral Powertrain. “We are excited about the opportunities this relationship can offer. The advanced application of PLM tools is the mechanism through which we improve the efficiency of our business, allowing us to provide greater value to our customers by reducing non-recurring engineering costs,” Luke added.

Integral Powertrain Ltd is a flagship reference customer for the new group and a leading example of the deployment of Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The software is used throughout its engineering from concept design, through product development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. As an industry pioneering digital transformation reference Integral Powertrain will provide a vital link to the users of the latest next generation of PLM products and services and remains the inspiration for ‘Intelligent Engineering’ systems and practices, the bedrock of the Intrinsys’ annual UK Intelligent Engineering Forum (

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