e-Axle technology driven by OEMs Integral e-Drive shares insights

Driven by the OEM’s | Insights into contemporary e-Axle technology

E-Axle technology, or the integration of a motor, gearing and power electronics into a compact, modular package that sits between a vehicle’s driven wheels  is an increasingly attractive option for manufacturers of passenger cars, small commercial vehicles and trucks who want to develop hybrid and all-wheel-drive versions of existing products. While for developers of pure […]

Marien Electric Powertrain e-Mobility Engineering Integral e-Drive Integral Powertrain

Motor Motives | The technology behind powering BB Green’s electric ferry

One of the many challenges facing developers with powering BB Green’s ferry project was finding an electric propulsion motor of sufficient power, power-to-weight ratio, compactness and durability for the battery-powered vessel. Whilst not directly connected with the project, Integral e-Drive was pleased to chat with e-Mobility Engineering’s Peter Donaldson to share our views on choosing […]

2020 UK Manufacturing Review Integral Powertrain

UK Manufacturing Review 2020 | Integral Powertrain drives toward the future

It’s not just the automotive sector that is seeing the need for cleaner propulsion technologies to meet the global emission targets. All modes of transport are affected; from commercial and off-highway, to aerospace to motorsport. Read how Integral Powertrain Ltd are positioning themselves for the future growth in e-machines and control technology in the 2020 […]

Integral Powertrain 2019 Review with Integral e-Drive successes and growth

2019 Review | A year of successes and growth for Integral e-Drive

We at Integral Powertrain LTD (IP), are looking forward to 2020 with great optimism and anticipation. 2019 saw the “Revolution In Motion” continue at a rapid pace with developments in not only EV powertrain technologies advancing, but also those of alternative fuels such as hydrogen and solar. An amazing 2019 saw our clients reveal some […]

Power by design. Designing inverters for EV applications by Integral e-Drive e-Mobility Engineering

Powered by design | Designing inverters for electric vehicle applications

The design of an inverter for an electric vehicle depends very much on the application. Full electric, hybrid, commercial, bus and truck and electric motorsport all have different design trade-offs. Having been involved with the EV sector; in particular automotive and e-Sport for over 10 years, Integral Powertrain Ltd’s e-Drive division is well-positioned to deliver […]

The need for e-Speed Professional Motorsport World Article by Integral e-Drive October 2019

The need for e-Speed | Delivering highly efficient and reliable systems & components

As the popularity of racing electric and hybrid vehicles increases, so too does the need for highly efficient and reliable systems and components. Having been involved with the motorsport sector; in particular e-Sport for the past five years, Integral Powertrain Ltd’s e-Drive division is well-positioned to deliver high-performance electrification components; both e-Motors and motor controllers. […]

Breaking Limits Manufacturing Today talk to Integral e-Drive RET 168 September 2019

Breaking Limits | Delivering high-quality electric motors and inverters

Having undertaken the process of transferring the business into an engineering manufacturer, the name Integral Powertrain is synonymous with high quality electric motors and inverters. With collaborations with the likes of Aston Martin, Volkswagen and Lotus Cars, Manufacturing Today spoke to Alan Cherrington, Chief Operating Officer, Integral Powertrain Ltd to learn more. If you have […]


Pikes Peak, Goodwood twice, Nordschleife and Tianmen | A fifth record for the VW ID R

Volkswagen ID.R holds records on Pikes Peak, Tianmen, at Goodwood and on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife The ID.R project as a 56-page booklet for media Spectacular impressions: The fascinating record drive on Tianmen on video The Volkswagen ID.R has set the fifth sensational record of its short career. With a story which started on the 24th June […]

Core Technology - Driving High Performance Integral e-Drive Electric Motors

Core technology | developing high performance electric motors for the future

Integral Powertrain Ltd (IP) built its reputation on providing expert consultancy services to Tier One and OEM clients involved in the development of internal combustion engines and controls. However, the company has wholeheartedly embraced the advent of electric propulsion and its e-Drive division, which focusses on motors and drives for hybrid and electric vehicles, is […]

Heat of the moment - Integral e-Drive technology and innovation

Heat of the moment | how do you keep e-racing powertrains cool?

High performance motors, inverters and batteries are becoming an integral part of modern racing powertrains. But, just like IC engines, they also emit heat which needs to be extracted effectively. in the heat of the moment and with these hugely complex systems and restrictive regulations, engineers working in the field of electric racing have been […]

Cutting edge e-Drive technology Integral e-Drive

Cutting edge technology | the drive to develop next generation e-drive products

As supplier to some of the world’s most famous and iconic premium automotive and motorsport brands Integral Powertrain Ltd’s e-Drive division continues to work closely with clients to develop next generation products and to successfully push through their R&D programmes. In the lead up to this year’s Cenex LCV exhibition at Millbrook, UK (4/5 September), Andrew […]

ICE Consultancy to Engineering Manufacturer Integral e-Drive

ICE Consultancy to Engineering Manufacturer – Our Story

Rapidly approaching our 20th Anniversary it strikes us that we are no longer the company we used to be last year, never mind five, ten or nearly twenty years ago. Known for a passion for delivering to exacting client requirements, Integral Powertrain has grown from a pure ICE Consultancy to a fully-fledged engineering manufacturer whose technological […]