e-Axle technology driven by OEMs Integral e-Drive shares insights

Driven by the OEM’s | Insights into contemporary e-Axle technology

E-Axle technology, or the integration of a motor, gearing and power electronics into a compact, modular package that sits between a vehicle’s driven wheels  is an increasingly attractive option for manufacturers of passenger cars, small commercial vehicles and trucks who want to develop hybrid and all-wheel-drive versions of existing products. While for developers of pure […]

Integral Powertrain and e-Drive 2018 Review

2018 Review – A landmark year for Integral Powertrain & Integral e-Drive

2018 has been a landmark year for Integral Powertrain. It has been 20 years since our current four Directors left Cosworth to set up their own business and a lot has changed; not just for them but the company and the industry.Electrification and autonomous vehicles have been dominating the automotive news for the past few years, and are set to gather speed as regulatory and industry challenges are confronted. [….]

Integral powertrain partner McLaren Applied Technologies takes two awards.

e-AXLE technology takes two awards at TechWorks

McLaren Applied Technologies took two trophies at last Thursday night’s TechWorks electronics innovations Awards for the CTU-400 e-AXLE, developed in partnership with Hewland Engineering and Integral Powertrain. The Automotive Electronics Innovation & Excellence Award The Power Electronics Innovation Award Presenting both awards was internationally recognised and renowned journalist, Mr John Sergeant. When presenting the Automotive Electronics award Mr Sergeant […]


Integral Powertrain reveals innovative e-Axle system

The e-Drive division of Integral Powertrain [Integral e-Drive] is pleased to announce a collaboration with McLaren Applied Technologies and Hewland Engineering on a new innovative e-Axle system engineered and designed to accelerate the automotive industry’s drive towards electrification. After months of design and styling studies the e-Axle system will be jointly launched to the world […]