Building consumer confidence with real-world vehicle emissions testing

Integral Powertrain Ltd is a leading powertrain engineering specialist which undertakes key design and development projects for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.  The company also conducts a range of vehicle testing and benchmarking for manufacturers, regulators, and others.

Its real world fuel consumption testing, based on real driving emission (RDE) cycles, produces results that vary significantly from those obtained by testing in accordance with current laboratory certification requirements.

Chief Engineer, Chris Hames said “the problem is that the official drive cycles differ in many respects to real world conditions due to on road topography, traffic conditions, vehicle operation and motorists driving styles.”

The test results provide accurate vehicle performance, fuel consumption and emissions data, which can be used to investigate sensitivity to particular operating conditions, and compare operation under different drive cycles.

Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) can also be used to develop accurate air quality models, by measuring vehicles and engines in real driving. Vehicle emissions databases can be developed and RDE testing could provide valuable benchmark data.

Latest EU6 light duty diesel vehicles have considerably lower CO2 and NOx emissions than last generation EU5 models. So more needs to be done to promote the achievements of the automotive industry and address public perception regarding real world emissions and fuel consumption. Manufacturers have to meet ever tighter emissions standards and consumer fuel consumption driven brand competition.

Integral Powertrain will be able to conduct road based PEMS testing or laboratory based regulatory testing to European NEDC, US EPA and World Harmonised WLTP standards. Testing can be conducted on passenger cars and vans.

The PEM System will measure CO, CO2, NMHC, NO, NO2 and particulates second by second, and is suitable for all fuels including diesel, petrol, LPG and natural gas with a test to test repeatability of less than 1% for fuel consumption and gaseous emissions.

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