Hi We’re Integral Powertrain

Rapidly approaching our 20th Anniversary it strikes us that we are no longer the company we used to be last year, never mind five, ten or nearly twenty years ago.

Is it possible that children born in just a couple of years’ time won’t know what a Diesel or Petrol car is in the same way that the young of today have almost no concept of a land line telephone? Only ten years ago we were known for our prowess in ICE powertrain.

You will have noticed that the real rate of change has increased exponentially since the explosive impact of on-line. You may also have seen that companies that continue to lead and grow tend to be those that have a good bead on how they treat Innovation and how important agility is when it comes to satisfying rapidly changing customer needs.

We, at Integral Powertrain, are proud to be one of those companies. Problem is, if you thought you knew us only a little while ago you might need to take another look and track progress at Integral Powertrain on a more regular basis.

Back in the day

One of our very first projects was for a client in Formula 1 and our success showed early on that ‘performance’ and ‘discretion’ would be key elements of our future success. Deciding that our success would be driven by the success of our clients and that our services and the way we worked with customers and treated them would be better than any competitive offering, gave us the ‘What’ of our business. Whilst we were improving the performance of our OEM and Tier1 clients’ products it also became crystal clear, that our business systems would need to be similarly innovative and agile. This fuelled the drive behind our ‘How.’

Early on we were hungry for the benefits that keeping abreast of the latest technology updates could offer, growing closer to Dassault Systèmes design and simulation software. This was a relationship that would blossom in ways we couldn’t imagine at the time but was to keep us honest to our original concept of the business we wanted to work in and be part of.

Change, change and more change

Though quite logical to us at the time, electrification of the powertrain was not high on the agenda of many of our competitors. Then a double-dip recession sent a shock wave through the mobility market. What emerged was quite unexpected for some. Customers wanted more. They wanted more choice, reliability, economy and a simplified ownership model. Buying a car turned to leasing a car and the pressure grew on OEM’s to satisfy or lose market share to new market entrants able to turn many years of successful large scale volume production using optimised processes into a disadvantage.

What we did was difficult

In many ways the change we made to our business was more radical than most companies would consider but the benefits speak for themselves. Imagine, if you will, a state of the art electric powertrain company that cut its teeth within such a complex and legislative driven environment. Experts in cooling and control systems, sensors and packaging, safety and durability, international regulatory and legal requirements. A company that knows how to engage with OEM’s in a way that fits their processes and truly understands their end customer drivers and requirements. So many new entrants continue to stumble in this environment where Integral Powertrain are free to focus on turning ideas into reality!

Evolving our engineering software with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has supported our business development at every stage and in itself acts as a disruptive competitive advantage. It complements our automated design and development processes, something we like to call ‘Intelligent Engineering,’ and has helped us develop our Automated Intelligent Design (AID) toolsets into active innovation systems. These systems allow us to deliver solutions in shortened lead times, designed to offer the best match to the clients requirements, however challenging.

Principles worth sticking to

We stand on our engineering prowess and ability to deliver, through unique research and development, solutions to problems where none existed previously. As the latest software permeates the market we are not only ready to collaborate with our clients with common software and processes as an extension to their business, we are often able to support its adoption as expert users.

We solve problems, that’s’ basically what we do. With all our automated and cutting edge systems and processes we are still the sum of our people. We view every role in the company as essential to our goals. Our engineers perform at the top of their chosen discipline, being the best is a unique challenge to engineers who want to explore their potential making us very attractive to individuals that not only want to succeed in their career but expect to lead the industry.

How to keep up

We operate in an environment of shadows, of nondisclosure agreements and stealth marketing. Understanding the critical value of intellectual property in highly competitive environments is a trait our customers expect. Our discretion is often mandatory. This makes it kind of difficult to be open about what we can achieve for a potential client. In fact, changes in customer leadership and strategic business direction means that many of our existing customers may also lose track of what we can actually achieve for them.

Today our clients and potential clients find out about us and keep up to date using all the latest on-line tools, website, and social-media. Our business development team provide the next level of detail. This might take the route of a formal requirements document, an email, a telephone call or a visit.

If only IP blogged. It would ‘probably’ be the best blog in the mobility engineering community. If you are curious, why not check us out, connect and join in the discussion. Give us the opportunity to say hi, we’re Integral Powertrain. For more information send us a mail or follow us on Twitter,  LinkedIn or YouTube.

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