Testing for the real world_Emissions ar eon the rise Integral e-Drive

The Future Starts Here | Testing For The Real World

90% of the world’s population breathes polluted air 25% of that pollution being caused by transportation; the main sources being petrol and diesel cars. The Government has announced ambitions to end sales of new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040 as part of efforts to tackle climate change and air pollution. In a […]

Integral e-Drive The Electric Car Revolution

The Future Starts Here | The Electric Car Revolution

Electrification is the Future! Electrification and autonomous vehicles are dominating the transportation landscape. Fuelled by advancements in technology, environmental awareness and consumer behaviour the switch from the Internal Combustion Engine to Electric Vehicles (EV) is accelerating at a rapid pace. Electric Cars though are not an invention of modern times; they have a long and […]

Porsche 917 with Alejandro Arango of Integral Powertrain

The finest historic cars of the 50’s & 60’s at the Goodwood 77th Members Meeting

Often when we move on from one stage to the next in our lives, a part of us clings on to the past and all great things and moments that came with it. This even happens despite knowing we’re heading to a better place.You can use that premise to look at the motor industry today. Right now, the automotive and motorsport sectors are changing radically thanks to […]