Integral e-Drive | Our role in advancing sustainable motive power

It is becoming harder and harder to find credible dissent from two rapidly emerging themes; that as population and expected living standards in previously poorer countries rise, the sustainability of our world in the form we are used to is genuinely under imminent threat. Luke Barker, Director Integral Powertrain Ltd explains more..

Emissions test driver David Tang Integral Powertrain

The Future Starts Here | Integral Powertrain explain how to be a good emissions driver

Integral Powertrain (IP) prides itself on being the UK’s only independent testing facility capable of providing certified emissions testing from passenger cars to light commercial vehicles. Their Emissions and Driveline Test Facility (EDTF) has recently undergone a multi-million-pound investment to re-enforce its position……

Covid 19 Podcast with Neil Tyagi of Integral Powertrain and Scott Jones of 123 Internet Agency

Podcast | Integral Powertrain chats with 123 Internet on the impact of COVID 19

The world is gripped by unprecedented events and the global pandemic COVID 19 is affecting people and businesses alike. In his series of podcasts, Scott Jones, CEO of Milton Keynes based 123 Internet Agency chatted with local MIlton Keynes and Northampton businesses to discuss how the pandemic is impacting their businesses. […]

Simulation for the real world at Integral e-Drive

The Future Starts Here | Simulation for the Real World at Integral e-Drive

Innovation, in many cases, does not lie in the invention of completely new ideas, but the right combination of existing ones. These combinations of techniques can lead to the improvement of existing technologies, taking them up to new boundaries as well as the creation of new products. In this post we’d like to share a […]

Apprenticeships are different National Apprenticeship week at Integral Powertrain. Look Beyond and make an impact

Apprenticeships are different | Learn what some of our trail blazers think

Apprenticeships are different. You get to learn and earn, trained up by the people you work with, and all your training is paid for, so you’re shaping your career from day one. Apprenticeships are making a difference and are an excellent way to start a career, particularly in engineering where education can be immediately put […]

Engineers in focus designing high performance technology at Integral e-Drive

Engineers in focus | Designing high performance electric motors

Integral Powertrain Ltd’s e-Drive division (IP) kicked off the New Year with the major announcement of their partnership with Penske Motorsport to support the design and development of a high performance electric powertrain for their Season 6 ABB Formula E race car. Projects like this need experienced engineers to design an develop the high performance […]

Integral POwertrain 2019 Enfgineering Graduates Integral e-Drive

The Future Starts Here | The Next Generation of Engineers

Integral Powertrain Ltd (IP) has a rich and storied history of developing world class electric machines and inverters for the automotive, motorsport and aerospace sectors. Working with clients such as Volkswagen Motorsport, Aston Martin, Lotus Cars and Triumph Motorcycles they are pushing the boundaries of the impossible and designing technologies which are instrumental in helping […]

Integral e-Drive Driving the Future

Driving the Future | Alan Cherrington shares his views on the future of mobility.

The future of mobility. Will it be emission free? Could we be riding or even flying around in autonomous vehicles? But most crucially, does anyone actually know what the future holds for vehicles? After attending the ‘Driving The Future’ event in July, Alan Cherrington, COO at Integral Powertrain Ltd, talked to Imogen Moody of ISL […]

Designing Battery Packs for electric motorcycles Evoke Electric Motorcycles

Building an electric motorcycle | What does it take to design and manufacture battery packs for electric motorcycle applications?

Battery packs: the heart and soul of an electric motorcycle To better understand what goes into designing an electric motorcycle, a better understanding of the “heart” of the vehicle needs to take place. During the course of building Evoke Electric Motorcycles, Nathan Siy and his team had the opportunity to consult and help out other […]

What does it take to design an e-Moto Evoke Motorcycles Nathan Siy

Building an electric motorcycle | what does it take to design e-Moto?

What comes to mind when someone says the words “electric motorcycle” and what defines the classification itself? It is being able to hit a minimum top speed? Or is it based on the physical size of the bike? Or is it a minimum level of acceptable power to be called a “motorcycle”? In this series […]

Big data analytics finds a home in Engineering Toolkit

The Future Starts Here | Big Data Analytics Finds a Home in the Engineering Toolkit

Big data analytics are touted as the secret sauce behind a lot of innovation–helping retailers tailor novel user experiences to sell more products, arming health care professionals with insights that bolster patient care, and facilitating fraud detection and new revenue streams for companies in the financial sector. You hear less about the powers of big data […]

Engineering The Future - Rise of Digital Revolution Integral e-Drive

The Future Starts Here | Engineering The Future

Rise of the Digital Revolution Times are certainly changing when it comes to the world of transportation. The introduction of stringent emission norms and regulations by governmental bodies, has seen an increase in demand for fuel efficient vehicles resulting in a sharp rise in alternative fuel vehicles (AFV’s);  with varying propulsion technologies being developed from […]